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News : Byron Originals - Fine produzione Byron Fuels
Inviato da GIGI il 29/5/2020 14:40:00 (185 letture)

Byron Originals - Fine produzione Byron Fuels.

Byron Originals, Inc. ha annunciato che, dopo 32 anni di attività nell'industria dei carburanti RC, terminerà la produzione e interromperà il marchio Byron Fuels. Nell'ultimo decennio, la domanda di carburante nitro RC è notevolmente diminuita a causa di fattori legati all'industria e ai consumatori. La produzione terminerà ufficialmente a fine maggio e il marchio verrà ritirato quando verrà venduta la rimanente produzione presente in magazzino.
Il testo completo dell'annuncio cliccando su Leggi tutto...

Fonte: www.byronfuels.com

Byron Originals, Inc. Announces Discontinuation of The Byron Fuels Brand

"Ida Grove, IA (May 28, 2020) – Byron Originals, Inc., an Iowa-based manufacturer, is making the difficult announcement that the company will be ending production and discontinuing their Byron Fuels brand after 32 years of operation in the RC fuels industry. Over the last decade, demand for RC nitro fuel has significantly declined due to industry and consumer-related factors. Production will officially end in late May, and the brand will be retired when the remaining product inventory is sold. Since 1988, Byron Fuels has been a stalwart in the RC fuel industry. Spurred by Byron Originals’ renowned RC airplane products, Byron Fuels has been a staple among the global RC nitro community. From RC cars, airplanes, and dragsters, Byron Fuels has always pursued the highest-quality nitro blends. However, the industry has changed rapidly. Within the last five years, demand for RC fuel has waned significantly. The decrease has profoundly affected Byron Fuels, among others in the industry. Due to rising costs of raw materials, freight, and international government regulations; coupled with industry competition from alternative RC power sources and considerable equipment investment needed to continue production standards, the move was made to cease nitro fuel manufacturing. “This decision was reluctantly arrived at after years of contemplation and exhausting all efforts to make it viable long term. Like most products, Byron Fuels has unfortunately reached the end of its lifespan,” said Bruce Godbersen, CEO of Byron Originals. “We’d like to thank our customers from the bottom of our hearts for their loyalty and dedication to Byron Originals and the Byron Fuels brand over the last 32 years. It has been one heck of a ride, and we owe much of our success to our customers and their appreciation for quality and consistency!” Byron Originals will be moving forward on company reorganization efforts and focusing on bolstering the company’s other businesses, such as custom injection molding and asset management. Employees tasked with the Byron Fuels brand will be reassigned to the injection molding business and other operations. The company is proud of the level of work and commitment given by all Byron Fuels employees over the years. “To all the past and present employees who helped make Byron Fuels so successful–thank you very much for your hard work and dedication in building one of the most recognized brands in RC history,” stated Godbersen. As the remaining product is sold, Byron Originals will be committed to working with customers to help answer any questions or concerns they may have. The Dealer Locator section of byronfuels.com will remain active for a period of time to assist customers wishing to locate dealers with remaining product. Customers can contact Byron Originals by calling 712.364.3165 and emailing info@byronoriginalsinc.com. "

Fonte: www.byronfuels.com

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